Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I'm OK! :)

Hi! So sorry to have been gone for too long! I'm working on a post telling you all about it. I realized that my last post was one about huge cravings and then I dis-a-ma-peared. Lord! That was not kind at all. All is well!

Do not let a rolling blog gather moss. 


  1. Hey, you and me both doing the disappearing act, appearing briefly to gripe about missing booze and then disappearing again. I'm ok, you're ok. Just cuz we miss the sumbitch sometimes doesn't mean we want to dance with it again.

  2. I was just swinging by just in case my reader was jammed up and not getting your posts. Thanks for the update. For what it's worth, I had full faith in you :)


  3. Whew good because i had actually been feeling a little nervous especially as you didn't reply to my last email either. (All fine of course but I was starting to wonder.) So, yay! Update us soon. Lilly xxxx

  4. So good to see you back. I was worried, just curious about your whereabouts! Hope wherever you were that it was FUN!