Monday, August 11, 2014

Florida Beach Rehab Post

I wrote a post for a site called Florida Beach Rehab. It was so cool and hard to write something for someone else. It took me back to my drinking days and my early recovery days. The most fun was reading all the emails Belle and I sent back and forth for my research! I was really happy to have her to write to- and I could really tell that from reading them.

Here it is: Florida Beach Rehab Post


  1. Great post.. have shared it on twitter (and found you on twitter too - yay!). xxx

    1. Ah, Twitter. I am pretty bad at social media. :)

  2. How wonderful that your voice will be heard through this website and be a resource of hope for others. Awesome stuff. I am a devoted Belle follower too :0 I remember when she told me that "I was not broken" and I wept. Hugs Denise

  3. Hey Amy! Great article! I too recently wrote a piece for Florida Beach Rehab. I've been following you for awhile now, but because of the whole WorldPress and Blogger thing, it makes it more challenging to "like" and comment on your posts - so irritating! Anyway, I found my way over to your site today and just wanted to say "hi!" and let you know I'm grateful for all you do for the sober community.