Saturday, May 16, 2015

Just a Moment

It's Saturday night. I'm sitting on the little green couch drinking a cup of chamomile tea. I have a houseful of kids. I had some cashews. I'm wearing bright blue sweatpants and a black hoodie with little hearts all over it. I am sober.

I keep thinking: "Dude, this rocks."

It rocks because I know that I'll be able to get up in the morning and not want to crawl right back into bed. I can feel full of possibility tonight and tomorrow! As soon as I digest these cashews I might go do some yoga in the office while the kiddos have a Saturday night movie. Or I might keep reading the book I'm reading. Or stare off into space. Listen to these kids and be grateful that I'm sober so that we can have sleepovers.

It only takes me just a little minute to be grateful for all this. But it makes me smile for a long time.


  1. Rock it, Baby! Maybe cry a little bit too, for no reason. Joyful tears. Good idea! I think I'll join you. Love you!

  2. I hope you enjoyed your evening. Good to see and feel a close-up of your moment! (And I like your hoodie.) xo

  3. smiling with you. and taking nothing, nothing at all, for granted. prim xx

  4. This is the third time I've tried to comment...sometimes my computer really sucks.

    I love this post I love you and since I'm just reading this I think it's a little spooky considering my post today.

    You are so awesome...

  5. Hi Amy, sounds like some nice deep stretches and some more water will do the trick - here's to waking up fresh and alive on Sunday mornings...
    Thank Bren