Thursday, July 18, 2013

May I

We did this meditation at my meeting on Monday. I am saying it and saying it (and winging the third line when I kind of forget how it goes) and it makes me feel good. Here it is:

May I be at peace.
May my heart remain open.
May I know the beauty of my own true nature.
May I be healed. 


  1. Beautifuly succinct.

  2. Have never heard this, it's a very beautiful meditation. I have written it down and will say it too :)

  3. Love this meditation...a good example of a metta meditation.
    You start with yourself and then move on to someone very close that you love, then next an acquaintance, then next a person who you may have some little difficulty with, and, finally, someone who is really yanking your chain!

    It's a great, calming and freeing meditation...always perfect done just for yourself in the moment, but taking it out of yourself is a really good practice.