Friday, December 28, 2012

First Recipe Post: Root Veggies with Mint

One thing I love to do is cook. Unfortunately I used to use that as an excuse to drink loads of wine. Now that I'm not drinking anymore I am having more fun being creative in the kitchen and not being wasted by the time everything is finished. Which means I actually want to eat it and not just pound more wine. So...drum roll! Here's the first recipe!

Root Veggies with Mint

Root Veggies of your choice. For this particular endeavor I used two largish beets and a rutabaga. Unless it was a turnip. Be adventurous! Carrots, parsnips, even sweet potatoes will be yummy.
1/2 c. fresh mint
1 or 2 tbsp. olive oil
1 tbsp. balsamic vinegar
kosher salt to taste
clementines (optional)

Boil water. Add your root veggies. Cook until tender. (I also like to roast mine in the oven. Either method is tasty.) Let cool. Then...
Peel them. I guess you could peel them first. I just always do it 2nd since the peel just slides right off.
Cut them up. Cubes, semi circles- whatever. The world is your oyster.
Toss with the mint, olive oil, balsamic, and salt. Use more or less of all of these depending on your own tastes. Add some clementines if you have 27,000 of them almost molding in the fruit bowl like I do.

Beets and mystery veggie peeled and ready to chop.

3D mint. I grew this. Mint never gives up. Even when it's 28 degrees.

Ready to toss together. That wooden spoon is the first gift I ever gave my husband. 

Ready to eat! Remember if you use beets they will make everything magenta. Including your hands. 

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