Sunday, December 23, 2012

HIGH FIVE! Sunday 12.23.12


Here's where you can post about something or things that was high five-able about your week. It/they can be big or small or even medium. And you can include your days/weeks/months/years sober too. And I will shower you with friendly words of encouragement. 

I'll start. 

Last night the kiddos were together in the tub. Which mostly always goes sour at some point. (But they always want to take a bath together. Hmmmm.) Last night it was all about a floating frisbee. (twenty seven toys in the tub and they always want the same one) "I want the frisbee!" "NO! I WANT THE FRISBEE!" Scuffle, splash, grab...youngest hits oldest. Me in calm soft voice making youngest get out of tub. Drying him off. Not talking. Being gentle. Putting on pj's. Having a story. After things have calmed down looking him in the eyes telling him not to hit. Bedtime was saved! And I was not a tired screechy banshee. (Well, I was tired, but I was not a banshee) Go me! 

I said "no" to a friend this week when I needed to, and she really wanted me to say "yes". Phew!

I am seventeen days today. :)

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  1. Isn't it wonderful when we can be fully present, in the moment with our kids? What a wonderful gift, this gift of sobriety.

    It's hard...but so was childbirth. Hell, if we can do THAT, we can do ANYTHING!

    Stay strong this holiday season. Seventeen day is A-MAZ-ING. Congratulations!

    Endless faith and belief,