Saturday, December 14, 2013

12 Days Until Christmas: Countdown of Good Reasons to Be Sober

Day 12

So, I thought it would be a good idea to have a sober Christmas countdown. Then I realized I'm not sure if the counting goes 1-12 or 12-1. So I'm going 12-1, but you can rearrange as you see fit. You know, much like sobriety. Here's my example of stuff, and then you push it around and hem it a bit or add to it to make it fit just right for you. The we can all sing them at the end.

12th Good Reason to Be Sober

Sober Mornings

Oh, man. This is still one of my ultra deluxe very very favorite things about being sober: no WTF mornings. I used to hate that feeling of waking up at lord knows what time (3AM? 5AM? Late AM?) and having that pit-in-the-stomach feeling of what the hell did I do last night? And then you check your partner's face, your phone, Facebook..... some days I couldn't figure it out and would just force some extra cheerfulness over the hangover to fool myself into thinking everything was OK. Ugh. I don't miss that AT ALL.

Now I wake up rested most days. I never ever ever have to wonder WTF did I do last night. EVER.

An excellent reason to be sober.


  1. This countdown is a great idea!! The mornings are one of my favorite parts of not-drinking, too. It feels luxurious to wake up and feel already oriented to person, place and time, without having to do the long excavation of clues to tell where I'd been!!

    1. Yes! I hated that excavation, and then trying to hide from what I found.

  2. Ugh, that was the worst! And the occasions where my partner's face would be unhappy but I wouldn't know why....cringe. Waking up every day feeling free and clear of regret is the best. Yay for a countdown! xx -Jen

  3. Great idea and I love your number 12. Sober mornings are complete and utter bliss. I so agree. xxx

  4. I know exactly what you mean. I would pretend to be asleep until my partner woke up and then would try and *nonchalantly* ask if there was anything I should be embarrassed about that I did the day before. Like I wasn't dying inside not knowing?!
    Amen to sober mornings :)

  5. Sober mornings rock the shit out of life!

    A list...yet another great idea my brilliant friend

  6. Love the countdown, Amy! Your countdown will be great to help during this holiday season. And mornings…beautiful sober fresh mornings! They are one of my favorite things about sobriety. A beautiful gift of sobriety. Thanks Amy!

  7. Facing my children the next morning (ok, every morning) was the worst. Trying to remember what we talked about. I sure was "forgetful."